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Dear friends,

My name is Tony Tang, CEO of Guilin Sanxin New Materials Co., LTD.

We have been engaged in calcium carbonate powder processing industry since 1999, accumulated rich experience over the years, and established a stable cooperative relationship with thousands of customers. Since 2010, we have invested a lot of money to build a new plant in Hechi, Guangxi, because Hechi has the best calcite mineral in the world, and calcite produces calcium carbonate which is superior in all aspects to traditional marble and limestone. After years of development, we have two high purity and high whiteness calcite mines, stable supply of high quality calcite powder more than 200,000 tons per year, we welcome partners from all over the world to establish cooperation with us.

In addition I'm very glad we set up a very excellent service team, for many years they conscientiously work, selfless dedication, amazing service for our customers, hope you can in the future cooperation and they become friends, if you have any questions relating to the calcium carbonate products, welcome to contact me or my team.

Best wishes

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As a factory and trade in one enterprise, we have established a sound ore mining, product research and development, international trade, logistics transportation, after-sales service team, to provide one-stop procurement services for our trading partners.

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Authentic large calcite, just what I want, the PVC pipe produced is very beautiful, it is milky white with good toughness, it is not as blue as the previous pipe, thank you Yeda for your service
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