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HeChi produces the world's best calcite raw materials. Our company has two calcite mines with high reserves, high whiteness, high purity and stable chemical composition. The total reserves are more than 5 million cubic meters, and the daily mining capacity is about 2,000 tons, which is enough to ensure sufficient raw materials for calcium carbonate production.

Professional production of calcium carbonate powder for more than 20 years, with rich industry experience, continuous innovation research and development of production technology and equipment, the production of first-class calcium carbonate products.

Covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters of modern production base, with a number of modern workshops, the annual output of various specifications of PVC calcium composite, modified calcium and other calcium carbonate powder 200,000 tons.

Eliminating intermediate links, directly let the benefits to customers, can provide Marine containers, land transport, train transport and other ways to quickly deliver goods to all over the world.

Before sales can be customized according to customer needs featured products; Sales of professional technical engineers to provide debugging guidance; After sales have a strong technical support, professional technical consultants to solve the problems encountered by customers using products in time.

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Authentic large calcite, just what I want, the PVC pipe produced is very beautiful, it is milky white with good toughness, it is not as blue as the previous pipe, thank you Yeda for your service
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