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2000 mesh high purity coated heavy calcium carbonate
Product NO.: SX2000-301
Whiteness: 96
CaCO3: 98.5
PH: 8-10
Particle size D50um: 3
Particle size D97um: 6.5
Product Details

product introduction

The 2000 mesh active calcium carbonate produced by our company is made of Guangxi large calcite powder as the main source material, using multi-functional surfactants and compound efficient processing AIDS to modify and activate the surface of inorganic powder.

2000 mesh after modification treatment of modified calcium carbonate powder, form a kind of special surface cladding structure, can significantly improve the dispersibility and compatibility of polyolefin, such as polymer matrix, and can produce interface and to the polymer matrix, so as to improve the impact strength of products, is a kind of incremental type filling agent with excellent properties in general is 30-100%.

Product Advantage

1,Strong hydrophobic performance - active calcium carbonate surface coated with organic active agent treatment, has strong hydrophobic performance, is the most significant difference between active calcium and inactive products.

2, Improve fluidity - active calcium carbonate products due to the surface of the surface tension is lower than the organic surfactant molecules coated, the surface energy is lower than the non-activated products, the viscosity resistance between particles is reduced, the flow performance of particles is improved, so the powder has similar to the fluidity of liquid.

3, Good dispersion -- due to the active calcium products have good flow performance can be seen the dispersion of the difference, active calcium products due to good dispersion, in the application process shows good compatibility and dispersion with the base material.

4, Low oil absorption value -- ultra-fine active calcium carbonate product particles are reduced, so that the void rate between the particles is reduced, and the microscopic surface of the particles becomes smooth and smooth, so when detecting the oil absorption value of the product, the activated calcium product is lower than the inactive product.

Technical parameters

Why Us
  • More than 20 years experience in powder production
  • Own high purity calcite mine
  • Advanced technology stable output
  • Factory direct sale
  • Excellent service exports all over the world
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Authentic large calcite, just what I want, the PVC pipe produced is very beautiful, it is milky white with good toughness, it is not as blue as the previous pipe, thank you Yeda for your service
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