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Difference between calcite powder and marble calcium carbonate powder

1. Distinguish from the ore itself

Calcite cleavage is very clear, transparent, the surface of the ore is a very clear plane, no matter how to break, can see the plane. Calcite is also divided into large calcite and small calcite, the more regular cleavage for large calcite, large calcite transparency is very high, cleavage disorder for small solution. There are three colors of calcite ore, milky white phase, yellow phase, red phase, the color of each origin in China is different.

Marble is divided into coarse concentrate and fine crystal ore, the same tone is bluish white phase, this ore domestic reserves are very much, make powder dosage is also very large. Basically distributed in Sichuan, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong and other places, ore quality is not the same in each area. From the microscopic crystal structure, calcite belongs to hexagonal crystal system. Marble crystals are generally cubic in shape.

2.Distinguish from the calcium carbonate content and the appearance of the powder

The main components of calcite and marble are calcium carbonate, the calcium content of good calcite can reach more than 99%, and the calcium content of good marble is about 96-98%. Calcite pink is soft, yellow and red. Marble powder slightly feel blue, blue phase, the feeling of whiteness difference will be dark.

3.distinguish from the application performance of powder
Due to the calcite ore quality crystal cleavage is very good, made of powder powder dispersion, liquidity, particle size distribution and the oil absorption value of the powder, covering rate is better than marble. Good calcite powder whiteness can do more than 95-97 (400 mesh powder), marble whiteness is lower, better about 93-95 (400 mesh), two kinds of powder in the downstream customers play their respective roles. The price of calcite powder will be slightly higher than that of marble powder. Therefore, downstream customers will choose their own powder according to their own cost and quality requirements. The purity of calcite is very high, so the powder can be used in various fields of food grade, such as toothpaste, food additives, edible calcium tablets, feed additives and so on. And can pass the EU's environmental indicators. For some enterprises with high requirements, calcite powder must be the first choice. Because the hue, whiteness, dispersion and temperature resistance of calcite powder and marble powder are not the same, the downstream customers who have requirements on the hue of the product can also choose the use of powder.

4. Analysis of industrial application examples
Plastic industry: marble powder and calcite powder are used, according to customer requirements choose to use.
Under the condition of the same formula, the same or similar particle size distribution of calcite calcium carbide and marble calcium carbide filling plastic products will show different differences, mainly showing the color and physical mechanics (tensile force and impact resistance) differences.

Color difference
Due to the different metal elements contained in calcite and marble, the color of the powder is different. The product made of calcite powder filled in plastic will show milky yellow or milky red (that is, the magnetic white and milky white that the industry says), soft color and good covering power.

Physical and mechanical differences
Due to the different crystal structure of calcite and marble, the tensile strength and impact resistance will be different after filling plastic products. Calcite belongs to hexagonal crystal system, the crystal is generally jujube nucleus shape, the length and diameter is relatively large; Marble crystals are generally cubic in shape and small in diameter. The powder with large diameter and length ratio has a certain reinforcing effect in plastics, and the mechanical properties of plastic products such as tensile force and impact resistance are better. Such as calcite calcium and marble calcium with the same particle size distribution in the same formula to fill PVC pipe profiles and other products, marble powder than calcite powder to make products are easier to brittle, poor toughness.
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Authentic large calcite, just what I want, the PVC pipe produced is very beautiful, it is milky white with good toughness, it is not as blue as the previous pipe, thank you Yeda for your service
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