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The difference between active and inactive calcium carbonate

1, hydrophobic
The surface of active calcium carbonate coated with organic active agent has strong hydrophobic performance, which is the most significant difference between active calcium and inactive products. The identification method is also relatively simple: take a few products placed in clean water, after a certain period of stirring the majority of the products suspended on the water, the water is clear and not turbid, it is activated calcium; If all or most of the product is submerged in water and the water becomes cloudy, it is an inactive product.

2. Liquidity
Because the surface of activated calcium products is covered by organic surfactant molecules with lower surface tension, its specific surface energy is lower than that of non-activated products, the viscosity resistance between particles is reduced, and the flow performance of particles is improved, so the powder has similar to the fluidity of liquid, and the flow performance of inactive products is obviously poor. Attention should be paid to the comparison under the same conditions such as temperature, humidity and product moisture.

3. Dispersion
The difference of dispersion can be seen from the good fluidity of the active products. The active calcium products have good solubility and dispersion with the base materials in the application process due to their good dispersion. The penetration capacity of particles is also strong, but also easy to form dust, ordinary woven bag urgent packaging products in the process of loading and unloading and use of large dust.

4. different particle size
As the surfactant of active calcium products reduces the surface energy of particles, the agglomeration strength of particles is weakened, and the particle size will be significantly reduced. Through scanning electron microscopy, active calcium and non-active calcium products can be clearly distinguished.

5. Different oil absorption values
The particle size of activated calcium products decreases, so that the void rate between particles decreases, and the microscopic surface of particles becomes smooth and smooth. Therefore, when detecting the oil absorption value of products, activated calcium products are lower than inactive products.

6, calcium carbonate content is different
Active calcium products generally contain 1.0%-5.0% organic active agent, so the calcium carbonate content is 1%-5% lower than that of inactive products. The smaller the particle size of active calcium products (such as nano calcium carbonate), the higher the surfactant content, the lower the calcium carbonate content.
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